Types of documents in Circles

Within Circles, different types of Documents can be uploaded or created, in order to store information about the Client. These Documents are divided into:

Assessments document type


The Assessment Document is the snapshot of the individual or family as evaluated by a professional. It reflects relevant information, such as the background of the individual, diagnosis, family dynamic and history, observations, goals, recommendations, safeguards (risks), and strengths, to determine appropriate support services.

Progress Note

Progress Note

Records the actual appointment between a service provider and the Client. Progress Notes have associated General Notes, a large text area where the caseworker logs details of the appointment. Progress Notes are used in the generation of Reports and are legally required.

Personal Plan

Personal Plan

The Personal Plan is a key set of documents used to plan with the Client - not for them. These documents reflect what is important in the person’s life now, and also help them to think about what support would make for a good future. Planning should build the person’s circle of support and involve all the people who are important in that person’s life.

Case Instructions

A large text area where service workers may leave special instructions on how to handle the client - e.g. Ms Smith prefers to be handled from the left side.

General Notes


Is something that happens and relates to the Person. An event can be a file uploaded to Comm.care like a Test Result, a photo, or any other file.


Comm.care’s Claims (aka Client Support Log), are designed to confirm receipt of the support items as delivered in the direct services provided to Clients via Progress Notes (aka Activities)......

That's a quick snapshot of the types of documents within Circles. You can check out how to create them from Circle's timeline here.

To read about Organisational documents, see: Manage organisation policies and procedures with Comm.care.