Understand Comm.care

Welcome to Comm.care! Comm.care is your one-stop shop to help you manage the care of elderly people, or people with disabilities, in collaboration with the other organisations involved in their care, and the families and close friends of the person.

Comm.care is the place where all the information related to the person is held, is accessible 24/7 on any Internet-connected device, and allows for easy and direct reporting to the DSS Data Exchange. One of the goals of Comm.care is to foster a person-centred planning approach, while saving you time and allowing you to spend that saved time caring for your clients, and is ideal for NDIS and CHSP funded providers.

In this article, you will find an introduction to the structure and some features of Comm.care, while the next few pages will explain the features you have access to, and how to make the most out of them.

Exploring the Home screen

The first place you arrive at when you log into Comm.care is the Home screen. Here you can see the latest events and go to your Circles of Care and/or your Organisation. Take some time to explore the Home screen:

care management software comm.care

The Main Menu

The Main Menu is located on the top grey coloured bar, and shows from left to right, the Home button with Comm.care logo, My Calendar, with your roster, Circles drop-down where you can quickly go to your Circles of Care and Organisation to go to your Organisation.

The River of News

In the main area of the Home screen, you see the River of News, similar to Facebook's News Feed feature, the River of News is a chronological order of the most recent activities that have taken place in your Circles and your Organisation.

The Calendars

There are three Calendars in Comm.care:

  • Circle Calendars: shows all the appointments relevant to that one single Participant, and is where you can create new appointments.
  • Your personal Calendar (My Calendar): shows in an instant the shifts scheduled for you across all your Circles of care.
  • Organisation's Calendar: where you can view the shifts for each staff member, which is useful if you need to find someone to cover a shift, spot double bookings, or locate where they are.

Frequent circles

On the right-hand side of your Home screen is the My Frequent Circles list, for quick and easy access to Circles you work with regularly.

To start off, let's Set up your Organisation in Comm.care.

Next important part would be understanding your organisation's services tab and staff tab of your organisation.