Claim Process for Self-Managed Participants in (for Service Providers)

Participants who are self-managing their NDIS Plan are invoiced by, and pay providers directly. If your Clients are self-managing their plan, you have to send a standard invoice to the Participant and they will pay for your services. The invoice needs detailed support logs and subtotals for each NDIS line item, and will be submitted by the Participant to the NDIS Myplace portal. Therefore, your Organisation has to create invoices and send them to the Participant, which you can do using

Self-managed Clients will pay for your services from NDIS funding in one of two ways:

  1. Pay after they receive money from the NDIS Plan budget: once your Participants receive the invoice from you, they will make a Payment Request online using the Myplace Participant portal. Money from the Client's NDIS Plan budget will be paid into their nominated bank account within 24 to 48 hours. After that, they can pay for your services.
  2. Pay after they receive your service: when the Participant receives your invoice they will pay with their own money and then make the online Payment Request for payment into their nominated bank account. Self-managed Clients will be reimbursed within 24 to 48 hours.

Claim Process for Self-managed Clients on

Before creating a Report, please ensure all the support delivery you have provided has been documented (completed Progress Notes). Refer to our detailed Tutorial about how to quickly look up undocumented appointments from Organisation Calendar. Now let's see how the Reports are generated on (also refer to the image below):

  • Go to Organisation > Reports
  • You should filter Select Roadmap Type to Self Managed- Remember to enter Payment classifications on the Circle’s Roadmap. Learn more about the Roadmap of Support.
  • Select the Occurrence Date. It is best to create reports every two weeks or monthly.
  • Then select (2) Filter Progress Notes by purpose select 2.1 Create Claim
  • Click on the blue button: Generate report. The application will list all the unclaimed Progress Notes
  • Click on Action > Create Participant Invoices. It will create invoices for you to send out to the claim recipients.

ndis claim for self managed

The generated report will list all the information from the Progress Notes, which will include: Circle name, Service and its status, time of service delivery, support item and type of service (direct service or provider travel), the total time for service delivery and unit price.

Send Participant Invoices via Email:

  • On Filter Progress Notes by purpose: 2.2 Send Email.
  • Click on the blue button: Generate report. The application will list all the unsent claims with Progress Notes delivered between the Occurrence date filter.
  • Click on the button Action > Email Invoices to Participants. The application will send the invoices to each Participant according to the configured Recipient on Circle's Roadmap.

invoicing for self-managed

Export Invoices to your Accounting system (MYOB, Xero or Quickbooks)

  • On (2) Filter Progress Notes by purpose select 2.3 Export Claims.
  • Click on the blue button: Generate report. The application will list all the claims that are emailed but not exported to the Accounting system.
  • Click on the button Action > Export as accounting file. The claims (NDIS Invoices) will be downloaded.
  • It is already in MYOB, Xero or Quickbooks format with the correct data, you just need to upload it into your accounting system for invoice reconciliation.

That's it! We hope this new feature saves you many hours of work each month. Claiming now is just a few clicks away!