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Comm.care simplifies Minimum Data Set reporting of a set of data elements agreed for mandatory collection and reporting at a national level.

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Claim Process for Client fee for service in Comm.care

In order to claim a client fee for service, you have to send a standard invoice to the Client and they pay for your services directly. Your Organisation has to create invoices, therefore, and send them to participants. As a healthcare organisation, you need to record your clients' details, manage your team, track your service delivery to clients, and track your revenue and cost streams. Let's see how to create traditional invoices on Comm.care.

Claim Process for Client fee for service in Comm.care

Before claiming, please make sure all of your support delivery is documented. See detailed tutorial about how to quickly lookup undocumented appointments from Organisation Calendar. Now let's see how the claim process is done on Comm.care.

Go to Organisation > Reports > Occurrence Date

(It is best to create claims every 2 weeks or monthly)

Select Roadmap Type: Client fee for service

Create all the invoices in bulk

  • On Filter Progress Notes by purpose select 4.1 Create Claim
  • Click on the blue button: Generate report, the application will list all the unclaimed Progress Notes.
  • Click on the button Action > Create Invoices, the application will create the statements for each participant based on the listed Progress Notes. 

claim for client fee for services

The generated report will list all the details from the Progress notes created, which includes: Circle name, Service, Status., Date and time, Title of appointment/PN, Item number and service type (Direct service or provider travel), total time of service delivery and its unit price.

Send participant invoices via Email

  • On Filter Progress Notes by purpose select 4.2 Send Email
  • Click on the blue button: Generate report. The application will list all the unsent claims with Progress Notes delivered between the Occurrence date filter.
  • Click on the button Action > Email Invoices to Participants. The application will send the invoices to each participant according to the configured Recipient on the Circle's Roadmap.

invoices for client fee for services

Export Claims

  • On Filter Progress Notes by purpose select 4.3 Export Claims
  • Click on the blue button: Generate report. The application will list all the claimed, sent, and unexported Progress Notes.
  • Click on the button Action > Export as accounting file. The claims (NDIS Invoices) will be downloaded. It is already in MYOB or Xero format with the correct data, you just need to upload it into your accounting system for invoice reconciliation.

export to accounting software

Note: If you click the Download CSV option, the file will be downloaded in the same format as the accounting file, but the system would not pick those claims as exported. In short, Comm.carewill not be able to track the exported claims as you have just downloaded and not exportedWhen you are ready to export to your accounting file, you should select the Export as accounting file option.

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Last updated on June 23, 2021