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Comm.care simplifies Minimum Data Set reporting of a set of data elements agreed for mandatory collection and reporting at a national level.

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A Circle of Care is the place where you will find everything about the participant.

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How To Automatically Send Claim Invoice/Statement To Clients With Comm.care

Whether you are working with self-managed, plan-managed or agency-managed clients, your invoice/statements always need approval from clients and person/organization that will pay for you. With Comm.care you can easily create invoice/statements for your service delivery and then send them to your clients. 

If your client is plan-managed, you will need to send Invoice/Statements to both clients and plan manager. Once you generated invoices/statements to request payment, our claims feature will help you automatically send them via email to the Claim Recipient, Claim CC and Plan Manager. It is the same with self-managed, NDIA-NDIS managed clients, you can also send claim invoices email to clients, claim CC automatically. 

You can use this incredible claim feature with a few steps here. 

1.  Add New Person To Circle

  •  Go to Circles > Participant
  • Click the button +Add on the top blue bar and select New Person.


  • Switch on the option Care Recipient (or Carer)/Plan Manager
  • Fill in all the information in each section. When you hover on the question mark, you will know that the information is required by NDIS or DSS. Fill in Institution Name and Plan Manager's name if you choose Plan Manager
  • If your organisation is integrated with MYOB: fill in MYOB Account Name and Account ID 
  • Remember to add their email address, if you already added the person, just click edit to add their email address.


2. Edit Roadmap

  • Go to Circles > Roadmap 
  • Click on a Service on the list 
  • Select Claim Recipient
  • Select Claim CC: anyone that you want to send the invoice email to. You must add them as the Person


3. Send Email

After that, when you create a claim, just click on the send email button and the email will be sent to the claim recipient, claim cc and you.

file-9isy5ds15BIt’s quick and simple to send statements and invoices to get clients approval and get paid more efficiently with Comm.care 


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Last updated on June 23, 2021