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For Staff

Becoming confident with your daily tasks on Comm.care!

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Getting Started

Key steps for Managers to get your organisation ready to use Comm.care

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Comm.care simplifies Minimum Data Set reporting of a set of data elements agreed for mandatory collection and reporting at a national level.

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Manage NDIS Business

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Introduction to Comm.care

Helpful resources for getting started with Comm.care for your case and client managem

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Manage your Organisation

These articles contain helpful information to best manage your organisation in Comm.care.

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Circle of Care

A Circle of Care is the place where you will find everything about the participant.

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Reporting & Auditing

Everything you need to know about NDIS reports and DSS Data Exchange, CHSP Program.

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About Staff

Comm.care allows you to easily manage your staff and volunteers, You can create users and manage their level of access, as well as manage NDIS staff rostering and client management.

Access to information can be granted according to assigned roles, ensuring they are active members in the care of your Clients.

Staff access is managed in your Organisation’s staff area. The quickest way to get there is to click on Organisations Staff at the top.

Comm.care users

This screen allows only the Manager to see the total number of instances of care, hours, and actual revenue earned within the selected time period. On the bottom right, you can select to see those metrics for a particular period: Month, Week, or Finacial year. The numbers are updated every night.

To add a new user, refer to Create Users which outlines a step-by-step process to create users for staff and volunteers. 

The filters provided on the right side of the screen allow the filtering of staff as per their roles, gender, languages, indigenous status, interests, and skills. This makes it easier for the Coordinator to allocate the right staff to a Particular Circle and therefore provide efficient service for better outcomes.

ndis staff rostering software

The skills filter is a great help to Coordinators, who can filter staff according to their skills and certifications, which saves a lot of time in rostering.

You can learn more about the features for users of Comm.care, by exploring the Staff tab. Learn how to:

If you’re new to Comm.care and keen to see the full Platform in action, join us for a free demonstration. You can book a convenient time HERE.
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Last updated on June 23, 2021