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Becoming confident with your daily tasks on Comm.care!

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Getting Started

Key steps for Managers to get your organisation ready to use Comm.care

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Comm.care simplifies Minimum Data Set reporting of a set of data elements agreed for mandatory collection and reporting at a national level.

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Manage NDIS Business

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Introduction to Comm.care

Helpful resources for getting started with Comm.care for your case and client managem

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Manage your Organisation

These articles contain helpful information to best manage your organisation in Comm.care.

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Circle of Care

A Circle of Care is the place where you will find everything about the participant.

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Reporting & Auditing

Everything you need to know about NDIS reports and DSS Data Exchange, CHSP Program.

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Create Users

Comm.care as an NDIS software, helps to manage your organisation users and their level of access to Client information, in a single place. This article will explain how to create users in Comm.care i.e. create a staff profile and manage their access across the Client database.

To create a new user, go to My Organisation >Staff >  Create New Colleague in the top right to bring up the ‘Add New Member’ wizard.

Search for a registered user. Enter the staff email address and click on  Find to check if the user is already registered in Comm.care. If no user registered to that email address, click on Create a New User.

If there is a user registered with that email address, just click on the  Add User button and go to the next step.

ndis staff management

You should add relevant information to the user’s profile, such as skills or languages spoken. Comm.care will allow you to search by these types of variables within your staff and volunteers based on the information you enter in their profile.

user details in comm.care

The best way to identify people is by their face. We encourage you to upload a photo to identify the Circles better. You can quickly upload a photo by dragging a new one into the Circle.

Interests are perfect to better manage and align staff & volunteers with your Clients’ interests and hobbies. You can use tags like:

  • Sports
  • Photography

Each entry has to be separated by commas  ,

Use Skills for certifications like:

  • First Aid Certificate
  • Disability Work Cert. 3
  • Health Services Cert. 3
  • Working with Children Check

Note that Addresses and Telephone numbers are only shown to users with a Manager role, to protect privacy.

Community Visitor Scheme (CVS)

The CVS Program Coordinator will match a volunteer with a resident of an aged care facility based on interests, hobbies, background and life experiences. You will more than likely need to manage a large number of staff if your organisation is part of Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) under the Australian Government subsidised aged care services.

Once the user has been created, click on the Edit user role and give him or her an appropriate role within the Organisation. Check out our document on Organisation Roles in Comm.care.

Congratulations! You have created your first user. Now you can add all the other user accounts for your staff and volunteers.

If you’re new to Comm.care and keen to see the full Platform in action, join us for a free demonstration. You can book a convenient time HERE.
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Last updated on June 23, 2021