Notify appointment changes to staff makes it very easy to create repetitive appointments, but these appointments may need changes perhaps once a week or even a month.

These changes can be minor and you may or may not want to notify the staff and so gives you the liberty to do that.

Let's say there is an appointment for Daily Activities for a participant and the location is changed from the participant's house to their grandparents' place. In this case, you will need to notify your staff about the change in the location of the appointment and so you will need to 'Edit' the appointment and change it to the new address.

For this, go to My Organisation > calendar > Choose the appointment title > Edit > Enter the changes you want to make - 2021-06-21T162834.191 will give you two options while saving the changes: 'Save Only' & 'Save & Notify'.

And here you will choose 'Save & Notify' to allow to notify the relevant staff of the changes to the appointment via e-mail.

This feature can now save you and your staff rom getting notifications that are not really required but only what you choose to deliver.

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