Recording COVID vaccinated staff

From lockdowns to long vaccination queues, we've been tirelessly working "from home" on improving and helping you run your business in the best possible way.

Under the current COVID-19 circumstances across Australia, it has become clear that companies want to be able to track whether their staff have received their COVID-19 vaccine.

While mandating employees to be vaccinated before they can return to work is an ongoing discussion between the government, employment lawyers and trade unions, we are giving you the opportunity to track the vaccination status of your staff.

Employers, including disability providers, have a duty as part of Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws to eliminate, or, minimise the risk of exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace. It will be important to continue COVID Safe practices to keep you and your clients safe even after vaccination. You should continue to follow the guidelines to maintain good hygiene and a clean workplace.

Department of Health, 2021

How to effectively use an existing feature in to keep up-to-date with the COVID-19 vaccination record of workers?

Staff details can be recorded under each staff profile. To create a user or Staff in your organisation, refer to the create users tutorial.

To add COVID vaccination in the user profile, go to

My Organisation> Staff> Click on the staff name you want to add the certificate for

You have now opened the staff/user profile. You can now add the vaccination information under the 'Skills' field'.

For example, if Michelle has got her 1st dose of the vaccine, you can mention "COVID Dose 1" or "COVID Dose 1", etc.

Covid vaccination for employees

Similarly, you can update other staff profiles and add up to their skills. You will now be able to filter your staff based on their vaccination from the filters on the right.

For example, to search for all staff who has received both doses, search across the skills filter on the right with 'COVID Dose 1" or "COVID Dose 2' and will list all fully vaccinated staff.

Record Covid vaccination for staff

This way you can prevent COVID-19 spread and keep your participants and staff safe. Know more on how to support care recipients during COVID-19.

Note: Only the managers will be able to add/remove skills on the staff profile. So make sure all the information added is in due diligence.