Update Service Price

When you want to set a new price for the Service, just edit it! The change you made is only applied to new Progress Notes, it does not affect pre-existing ones. Remember to make sure this change is reflected in your contract with the Client before you start claiming the new price.

Go to My Organisation > Services > Choose the service then click on the Edit button > Set the new price > Save changes.

ndis price update

Update the price and it will be applied for future Progress Notes. For NDIS funded services:

  • If your contract with the Client allows you to automatically claim annual indexed price limits: just add line items with latest period, Comm.care will update all the latest changes for you.
  • If the contract is fixed-price or you want to edit the price manually: add new line items for the new period (don't select the latest ). In this way, you won't be breaching any existing fixed-price contracts.

ndis fixed / set price

  • After saving the changes, the new Service price will be applied for the next Progress Notes without having an effect on any pre-existing ones.

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