Progress Notes for DSS Funded Services

With, you can create progress notes or support logs for services supported by DEX and as it is directly integrated, you don't have to compile your work to report to DSS or CHSP.

While creating progress notes in, if you are funded by the Department of Social Services (DSS) such as for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), you will notice that other fields might appear depending on the Service Type.

As an example; if the Service Type is Home Modifications, you will also need to enter Total Cost (of the Home mods) and extra items to detail what was done.

Note: Because the Department of Social Services only records the services that were actually delivered, you will notice that only sends the services with Status = Provided . If you change the status from Active to Cancel will delete the DSS Session for you.

When the support workers create a Progress Note based on an appointment in the Calendar, will send the transaction to DEX to create the sessions as they occur. There is no need to compile all the occurrences into a convoluted XML file or manually enter thousands of sessions on the DEX Portal on 30th of July.